Missing you


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The real life rubber duck

I’ve been closely observing one of my colleagues who is new to the industry. He’s been an active and quick learner. Though I’m not from his team we just get along well with each other. One of these days when he was in some confusion to execute a command, he approached me as I was a little more experienced than him in the organization. And all I did was to stand next to him while he himself solved the problem.


Most of the times we don’t have to solve the problem for people, we just have to stand by them.

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The real life rubber duck

Lamp in the cupboard

Note: If you are an engineer who hates to document or doesn’t believe in documentation, this article is not for you.

Raju is brilliant and works incessantly to meet deadlines and achieve his organizational goals. But he couldn’t scale, he couldn’t grow or take new responsibilities. He saw his work was getting monotonous. He started spending more time on thinking what he was doing wrong. But this never stopped him from delivering.

Everyone wondered how he did that and what was the magic behind his consistent delivery timing. Only Raju knew that there was no magic behind his consistent delivery. With every delivery he realised it was a monotonous job and maintained a journal of every adversity or difficulty he came across. With time and experience the journal grew. But he couldn’t grow as much as he thought he would.

And one day something just clicked! While explaining how climatic conditions differ across geo-logical locations, the mind of the engineer just learnt the importance of documentation and how a good document put to effective use can aid not only himself but anyone who’s willing to learn his tasks.

Good documentation can save our time in explaining the process.
There by giving us the much needed space to take up new roles and scale.
It helps us scale as the product becomes more independent.
Gives anyone and everyone the ability to learn without supervision.

In short: Don’t under estimate the power of a good documentation and don’t hesitate to document your knowledge. By doing so we often end up helping ourselves by helping others.

Originally posted on LinkedIn

lamp in the Cupboard

Missing myself

I miss those stars,

Shining in thy eyes..

I long for a glimpse,

Of thy moon like face

Those joyous conversations

Of everything under the sun

Like the stars that chose to shine

They brightened my dark days

There’s no one,

Who made me feel this way

It’s just not you I missed 

I missed my universe